Call for participation international conference
"The Grand Hotels as Powerhouses of Change, 1870 – 1930: an investigation of Alpine and Subalpine areas from the lakes to the mountains"

Riva del Garda | Museum
16 – 17 October 2015

The territories that witnessed major developments in tourism around the turn of the 20th century are also very often evaluated in the light of the ‘experience’ of the Grand Hotels, and more in general of the development of a hospitality infrastructure, i.e. of new, complex and imposing facilities which in this period became commonplace throughout Europe, involving the work of numerous architects and a range of other professional figures in their complex building process.
The conference is designed to investigate the theme of the Grand Hotels in relation to the modifications implemented to the contexts in which they were built, in order to understand to what extent it might be right to look on these structures as factors of territorial development. In general terms, this will allow us to contribute to the knowledge of specific local contexts, as well as putting forward comparisons and points of reflection, also between different disciplines, branching out to the themes of the preservation of landscape and architectural heritage.

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