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La Rocca, sede del MAG Museo Alto Garda

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Il Monte Brione dall'alto, ph. Pierluigi Faggion

The mount Brione forts
The fortification line of the Upper Garda area

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MAG Museo Alto Garda | Seasonal closures

The Museum in Riva del Garda is closed until March 20, 2020

The G. Segantini Civic Gallery in Arco is closed for works until spring 2020

The Apponale tower in Riva del Garda is closed for seasonal breaks until spring 2020

The forts of Mount Brione in Riva del Garda are closed for seasonal breaks until spring 2020

Opening times


Permanent Exhibition
Pinacoteca Hayez 4   Picture Gallery
The gallery exposition shows how over the centuries - from the 15th to the 19th - figurative culture evolved in the Garda area, highlighting its particular characteristics as a borderland.
  Archeologia statue stele 4   Archeology
The archeological section displays several objects coming from the researches carried out on the surrounding territory. These finds occupy a framework that goes from the middle Paleolithic (120000-33000 BC) until the late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages (VII-VIII centuries AC).
2013_0318   History
The history section portrays the past of Upper Garda from prehistory to the events related to the first and second world war.
  Segantini e Arco_allestimentoI_ph Faggion   Segantini and Arco
The Galleria Civica G. Segantini in Arco features a permanent space dedicated to the painter Giovanni Segantini, that intends to serve as a research centre within a virtual network made up of the main institutions housing the works of Segantini and those scholars who have studied the artist.