MAGnetic Field: creativity process experience
MAG Riva del Garda, Museo
Bis Montag 24. Juni 2019

The creative process, developed through different artistic languages, is the elements of the evening at MAG Museum, with Cantiere 26 and Smarmellata.

Sunday, June 23, from 6.00 pm to midnight, the museum will be transformed into a stage animated by DJs, musicians, dancers and actresses, visual and sound artists.

Aperitif with Smarmellata
Remo'o // Vinyl Dj Set
The resident of Smarmellata Crew is ready for a vinyl lounge selection
from the afrobeat aftertaste.

MAG_rooms experience__

room 1_Processing Dance Dialogue_
Through body, rhythm and non-verbal dialogue a performance that combines dance, creativity, expression and comparison.
With Serena Pedrotti and Veronica Boniotti

room 2_Reading and live drawing_
Performance that combines design and word. Some readings on the creative process will mix with a live drawing session (drawing and other techniques of figurative art).
With Martina Pomari and Gelsomina Bassetti

room 3_Interactive Visual _
Thanks to mapping techniques, visual editing and the use of kinekt the walls of the Pinacoteca will come to life, through an interactive and engaging visual experience.
With Sigfrid Bonvecchio and Erica Terralibera

room 4_Performing sounds
Instant production of sound environments through the use of samples, synths, microphones, radios and more.
With Marco Penner (Smarmellata Crew)

The Mood Between_The space between 0 and 1_
Live Beatmaking and Remixing__
A journey through sampling, scratching, synthesizers and drummachines. It starts with a specific selection of vinyls to arrive at new tracks and new sounds.
With Luca Fronza and Juan Moretti

Luca Fronza_Dj Set
The producer and Trentino dj par excellence. As only he knows how to do, it will range from the Hip Hop to the Funk, from the Breakbeat to the House, to the Disco