Participatory research in Archaeology | Archaeology for the future? Legal issues and good practices
International Spring School Canale Tenno/MAG
Fino al 15 aprile 2018

9 -15 April 2018
Canale di Tenno / Riva del Garda, MAG Museum

This Springschool, organised by the University of Padua and the MAG Museum of Alto Garda, aims to compare, at a national and international level, the various innovative experiences developed in the field of participatory research and management of cultural heritage, particularly historic landscapes and archaeology, taking into account the different European legislative and administrative framework. Examples from different countries of successful and unsuccessful participatory experiences will be presented and discussed in order to enhance future strategies for the conservation, promotion and sustainable development of cultural heritage and historic landscapes.

Scientific coordination: Alexandra Chavarria


TUESDAY 10/4/2018 | 10.00
Introduction to the Spring School
GEMMA TULLY (Cambridge and Durham University)
Communities, collaboration and heritage: evaluating legislation, methodologies and outcomes between archaeological projects in Egypt, Sudan and the UK
ARMANDO DE GUIO (University of Padua)
Community archaeology in a war-scape: the case of Asiago
LARA DELGADO (University of Granada)
Public Participation in Sierra Nevada Cultural Landscape. Working with local communities
JULIA SARABIA (university of Alicante)
An approach to the millennial landscape of the Pertputxent Valley through participatory archaeology (Spain)

WEDNESDAY 11/4/2018 | 09.00
ADRIAN OLIVIER (University College London)
Approaches to public participation: international conventions and social challenge
RAIMUND KARL (University of Bangor)
The legal framework of public participation in Austria
FRANCESCA BENETTI (University of PAdua)
Public participation in archaeology in Italy: the legal framework
KATHARINA MOELLER (University of Bangor)
Will they or won’t they? German heritage laws, public participation and the Faro Convention
MIA RIZNER (Croatian Ministery of Culture-University of Padua)
Participatory archaeological research in Croatia: between laws and practice

THURSDAY 12/4/2018 | 09.00
SUZIE THOMAS (University of Helsinki)
Ethical issues and challenges in dealing with “difficult” conflict heritages
JOSÉ MARÍA MARTÍN CIVANTOS (University of Granada)
I need you. You need me. Limits and responsibilities in participative processes
PIERLUIGI SACCO (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
Commons in cultural heritage
NEKBET CORPAS (Complutense University of Madrid)
Conflicts and heritage management in World Heritage cities

FRIDAY 13/4/2018 | 09.00
AKIRA MATSUDA (University of Tokio)
Action research in public archaeology: a case study of an excavation in Somma Vesuviana
ALICIA CASTILLO (Complutense University of Madrid)
Participatory processes to improve cultural heritage management: some examples of researches
Tomomi Fushiya (university of Leiden)
Life in the Heart of Nubia. Collaborative archaeology project: local community, archaeology and heritage management
ALEXANDRA CHAVARRÍA (University of Padua)
Participatory research in the Upper Garda territory: the experience of the Participatory Summer Schools
FRANCESCO RIPANTI (University of Siena)
Stakeholders do the valuing. Researching the participation in Vignale (Italy)

SATURDAY 14/4/2018 | 15.00
Round table at the MAG Museum: Participatory Archaeology legal issues and local practices
A. Paris (MAG); F. Marzatico (Soprintendenza Beni Culturali Provincia Autonoma di Trento), G. Volpe (University of Foggia), C. P. Santacroce (University of Padua), M. Deriu (Mab Giudicarie), G. P. Brogiolo (University of Padua).


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