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Der Blitz
Research, action and contemporary culture

Curated by di Veronica Caciolli, Denis Isaia, Federico Mazzonelli

In collaboration with Mart Museo di arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto

Der Blitz constitutes a critical approach to contemporary art, allowing the MAG Museo Alto Garda to create a bridge between its artistic-cultural heritage and its search for new interpretational criteria. Through contemporary languages and approaches, Der Blitz draws on materials, works and evocations from the collections of the MAG and Mart museums, in order to create a new dialogue between their existent artworks and contemporary conceptual research, through reciprocal and ongoing comparison.

Adopting an anthropological approach, Der Blitz shifts seamlessly between documents, artworks and new desires. Its aim is to overcome some of the dichotomies that characterised the last century and to some extent still hold the present to ransom: those between culture and nature; secularism and religion; the virtual and the real; the contemporary and the classic; technology and tradition; growth and de-growth; theory and practice.

Der Blitz suggests that we now need to adopt a broader approach, capable of putting different areas of human behaviour critically in contact. In order to try and explore these social psychological and cultural frontiers, Der Blitz has chosen to start off from artistic research and then progressively include other fields. In an oscillation which will hopefully continue to tread a path between the empiricism of action and the need for reflection, Der Blitz sets out to bring together entertainment, investigation and aesthetic experimentation.

For the 2013 season, the programme of Der Blitz foresees two exhibitions, an artist’s residence and a series of conferences. The common thread linking every stage of Der Blitz is that of the landscape, investigated through the tools of art as well as other contemporary theories and practices.


All the wind that blows
Arco | Galleria Civica G. Segantini
12 october - 1 december 2013

Der Blitz: Tutto il vento che c'è

Arco | Galleria Civica G. Segantini
12 juny - 15 september 2013

Der Blitz: Il Naturale

Arco | Galleria Civica G. Segantini
12 october - 5 november 2013 | 6 pm

Der Blitz: Dialoghi